US Embassy in Beirut Set on Fire

( – Hundreds of rioters clashed with Lebanese security forces near the US Embassy in Beirut last Wednesday in protests following the explosion outside of the Al Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza City last Tuesday that Hamas blamed on an Israeli airstrike, the Associated Press reported.

Rioters with Palestinian flags dismantled a security wall and cut through a barbed wire barrier along the road leading to the US Embassy outside of Beirut as riot police lobbed teargas and fired water cannons to disperse the mob.

Meanwhile, Hezbollah terrorists held a rally in a southern suburb of Beirut where thousands of Hezbollah supporters waving Palestinian flags protested the explosion at the Al Ahli Hospital that was caused by a misfired rocket from Gaza.

Speaking to the crowd, senior Hezbollah official Hashem Safieddine called on the people to “declare their word in the face of American tyranny.” The protesters chanted “Death to America” and burned an American flag.

Hezbollah has been clashing with Israel along the Israel-Lebanon border, however, the skirmishes have remained contained to a handful of towns.

President Biden visited Israel on Wednesday to make a show of support for Israel and discuss plans to provide humanitarian aid to the people in Gaza.

The president confirmed that US intelligence determined that last Tuesday’s explosion at Al Ahli Hospital was likely the result of a rocket fired from Gaza and not an airstrike by the IDF.

Hamas falsely claimed that the explosion destroyed the hospital and killed more than 500 civilians. However, video footage and other evidence quickly confirmed that the blast was caused by a misfired rocket that struck the parking lot and the hospital itself.

The Jerusalem Post later reported that independent intelligence sources along with European news sources determined that the death toll from the explosion was not more than 500 as Hamas claimed but somewhere between 10 and 50.

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