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The editors here at Vital news know how important it is for Americans to receive both national and global news about politics, economic issues, money, and topics critical to our daily lives. In an ever-evolving world, it’s often difficult to know who to turn to for trustworthy news. Our mission is to be one of those sources for your valued subscribers.

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Each day you’ll find fresh news in your inbox. Our Daily Keys are short bytes designed to give you a quick glimpse into a hot-button issue. Our mission is to give you the tools you need to walk away feeling informed – whether that’s to have a conversation with your loved ones or to do more research on a topic that may impact your day-to-day lives. The stories you’ll find in The Bottom Line take things a step further, providing even deeper insight into some of the most important issues happening in the world around us.

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Everyone here is passionate about news and truth in reporting. The Vital News team works hard to sift through each days news, cross-reference sources, and bring you only the best. If there is a threat to your conservative values or traditional way of life, you’re going to hear about it here.

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We love hearing from our readers. We welcome your thoughts, insights, tips, ideas, and even criticisms. You can reach us at any time by replying to one of our newsletters or by emailing contact(at) Our editors read all messages and are standing by for yours.

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