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Vital News is a publication specializing in US and global news, politics, the economy, finance, and other critical topics that are important to the everyday American citizen. We report from a moderately conservative point of view while maintaining objectivity and ethical reporting standards. If you’re looking for a trustworthy news source that cares about your best interests, you have come to the right place.

Every week, our team works closely to analyze and select impactful news headlines from all over the globe. We keep our finger on the pulse of national and world affairs in order to bring you the information you need to form your opinion on the developing stories of the day. It’s important to go about your everyday routine well-informed on the happenings that are unfolding across the country and around the world.

Many Americans today are skeptical about mainstream news coverage and the long-established media companies that provide it. Chances are, maybe you feel the same way. We live in a world of bias and negativity, where politicians and corporations hold sway over widely-trusted news outlets. In turn, those outlets often attempt to form readers’ opinions for them.

At Vital News, we aim to stand out from the crowd, providing our readers with reports that keep them informed while also maintaining integrity and honesty. We respect your right to free speech and freedom of thought–inalienable rights which are so valuable here in the United States. Our team values the Constitution and the liberties it secures for us.

Trustworthy, Ethical US News

Here at Vital News, we scour the most important news stories of the moment to craft simple, easy to understand news stories that you can check wherever you are. With our Daily Keys stories and weekly features from The Bottom Line, we’ll keep you posted on news stories and happenings that affect our American way of life. The team here values the First Amendment and traditional American values, and we strive to defend liberty through freedom of the press.

When you subscribe to Vital News, you’ll receive Daily Keys and Bottom Line reports from us, delivered directly to your inbox. These hard-hitting articles help you understand what’s happening in the world around us, particularly when it affects the average American. Let’s take a look at the stories you’ll be receiving from us on a regular basis.

Daily Keys

Daily Keys reports are short, skimmable stories that keep you posted on some of the latest breaking news. These stories cover news from across the US, in addition to finance, the economy, politics, and global events. From our American backyard all the way across the pond, we’ll be monitoring the news so we can bring you the most impactful stories of the moment.

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line features cover hard-hitting, in-depth stories that you want to hear. We cover a wide range of topics with broader context. Our purpose behind The Bottom Line is to dive deeper into the stories that spark our curiosity and make us want to learn more. If you’re anything like us, you want to understand a fuller scope of a developing story. We’re here to offer that.

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