Anti-Israel Protestors Called “Gutless” For Wearing Masks

( – Critics are speaking out against the anti-Israel protestors hiding their faces using masks while causing chaos on American university campuses. Critics are saying that these protestors are “gutless” and that it symbolizes the “opposite of courage.”

Face masks, which we saw predominantly during the pandemic, are making a comeback along with other face coverings for those protesting on school campuses. These coverings are hiding the identities of those protesting the Israel-Palestine war. However, these protests have caused chaos and violence and resulted in arrests as we’ve seen from both the UCLA and Columbia campus protests.

Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO and National Director of the Anti-Defamation League said, “It is the opposite of courage to hide behind a mask and to intimidate and menace, let alone physically harass or assault people. But when schools allow this, it can create not just vulnerability but real danger for the campus community.”

Some people have said that the masks and the coverings send a different message to the police and other people looking in on the protests. They were being compared to being “dressed like a bank robber” which can of course give the wrong impression to those looking at the protests.

Rep. Tim Burchett from Tennessee said that he thinks they are just trying to hide their identity. He said, “I feel like also they are probably paid – some of them are not university students and they are paid instigators, and so they are trying to hide that further.”

He continued by saying that the protestors are gutless and that President Biden has been acting the same way towards the protests.

Burchett said, “He’s been pretty gutless up to this point trying to play both sides and if you are a leader, you just do what is right.” He continued, “If somebody is breaking the law, they need to be prosecuted.”

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