SpaceX Announced New Spacesuit For Space Travel

( – SpaceX has not just been dipping their feet into rockets, they’ve also been working on a brand-new, innovative spacesuit. The suits, named extravehicular activity suits (EVA suits), are a combination of function and fashion.

The spacesuits blend a sleek design with advanced functionality to replace the old, bulky spacesuits. Spacesuits aren’t exactly what you would see on television or in movies; the helmets aren’t “goldfish bowl” shaped, and they aren’t form-fitting, but instead, these SpaceX suits fall right in line with “human-shaped spacecraft.”

These suits were mainly made for the Polaris Dawn mission, and they are meant to be worn inside the Dragon capsule and during spacewalks. The suits offer enhanced mobility, durability, and protection as they are a significant upgrade.

The suit comes with rotating joints which allows for mobility as well as advanced seals and valves for safety. They will have a 3D-printed helmet with a glare-reducing visor, a camera, and a HUD. The thermal management textiles were pulled from Falcon rockets to give astronauts extreme protection.

The suits retain the design features and the sleekness of the previous model but it has new materials and fabrication techniques that bring it to a new level and help with performance. On top of this, the suit is scalable, which means it can be fitted to a variety of body types.

The previous suit served as emergency protection in the Dragon capsule, but it was not designed for spacewalks themselves. The upgrades and features of this new suit will allow them to handle the conditions of space.

The Polaris Dawn mission will be able to test the EVA suit’s capabilities and set the stage for
future missions.

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