Amazon Invests Over $1 Billion in France and Creates 3,000 Jobs

( – Amazon said that it would be investing over one billion dollars into French operations, which would open up three thousand jobs.

The French presidency said that multiple businesses, such as Amazon, Accenture, and GSK would be announcing investments worth billions. This would all be a part of the “Choose France” annual event which begins next week.

The Amazon Web Services’ investment would help to increase Paris’s cloud infrastructure and support France’s AI opportunities. The increased popularity of generative AI has also increased demand for cloud services. AI startups such as Poolside and Mistral have established themselves in France, making it a new AI hub. In addition to this, both Meta and Google have set up AI research centers in France as well.

For over a decade Amazon has been investing over twenty billion euros into its French operations while also opening up more than twenty thousand employment opportunities. This addition to the French market would also help to improve logistics, which would increase the speed of delivery and reduce carbon emissions. As of now, Amazon has more than thirty-five logistics facilities located in France. These additional billions would help to expand on this and bring more opportunity to the already thriving Amazon market in France.

Frédéric Duval, country manager at Amazon France said, “These jobs are in addition to the 2,000 jobs we announced for 2024.”

This is yet another move for technology-based companies and brands to expand to other countries in the world, allowing them to expand their networking and logistics to increase productivity across operations better.

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