Biden Administration Continues to Expand Tariffs on Chinese Trade

( – Joe Biden is expected to announce new tariffs on Chinese trade which is said to include items like electric vehicles, batteries, and solar panels. These tariffs will be an addition to the tax increases enacted by ex-president Donald Trump, but it will target these areas.

If this is put forward, this would be the biggest move in the trade war with China by Biden. The limitations put on electric vehicles made in China by Trump, which was then extended by Biden, have made it so that very few Chinese-made vehicles are being sold in the United States.

Political leaders fear Chinese EV imports because China can price their products to be more affordable, and they can include a more powerful battery and advanced technology. The Alliance for American Manufacturing, an advocacy group, said that introducing China-made cars would be an “extinction-level event” for American car manufacturers.

With this, officials are also worried about having Chinese technology in cars on the roads. They’ve said that this technology can be hacked which could give access to information regarding U.S. infrastructure because of the built-in cameras and sensors in the vehicles.

Donald Trump said that if he’s elected as president in the November election, he would put a one hundred percent tariff on “every single car that comes across the line from Chinese-owned manufacturing plants.”

Last month Biden stated that he was “not looking for a fight with China” but that the United States will hold strong against their “unfair economic practices and industrial overcapacity.” Biden was referring to China’s supposed overproduction of items such as solar panels to sell them at a cheaper cost. This could be disastrous to American solar companies since consumers would be likely to choose the cheaper product when given the option.

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