Jill Biden Gives Advice to Graduates in Arizona

(VitalNews.org) – Jill Biden was in Arizona over the weekend where she gave a speech to the graduating class that included telling them not to worry about people who tell them what they can’t do.

She shared with the graduating class from Mesa Community College how her guidance counselor told her that she wasn’t college material. The First Lady said that it made her push harder, and she was able to get a college degree on top of two master’s degrees and a doctorate. She was able to attend night school while working full-time and raising three children.

Biden had been a teacher at Northern Virginia Community College for thirty years, teaching English and Writing. Biden told the Mesa graduates to “drown out” the voices that tell them they “can’t” do something.

Biden said, “You’ve met life’s challenges before. And you know that on the other side of ‘can’t’ lies the beauty and joy and surprise of life, the adventure that changes us for the better.”

She encouraged them to remember what challenges they overcame to be able to wear the cap and gown that day, and to remember that they are strong and will be able to face whatever may come next.

“Expect anything and everything. Take the risks that scare you.” Biden said, and continued, “Don’t hesitate when you see the chance for joy. Share your stories, too. Be kinder. Love harder. Dream bigger. Find your adventure and keep your courage to say ‘yes’.”

The school mascot of Mesa is the thunderbird and their slogan is to “feel the thunder” so in her closing phrase she told the students of the school to “Let the world feel your thunder!”

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