Obama Can Reach Democrats More Than Biden?!

(VitalNews.org) – Joe Biden was joined on stage by Bill Clinton and Barack Obama in a new campaign initiative. The three United States officials took the stage in New York where thousands of people gathered to listen to the three speak.

The political event raised over twenty billion dollars and is said to be the most successful political fundraising event in history.

“Last night showed our skeptics, as well as our supporters – it showed the press; it showed everyone – that we are united. We’re a united party,” said Biden.

The special event brought on three of the living democratic presidents, except for Jimmy Carter who is in hospice care. The event also showed that President Joe Biden needs all the support and help that he can get, which was proven during this event.

Both Obama and Clinton have been in the spotlight as Democratic presidents. Obama has been the party’s biggest star when it comes to media appearances, books, and campaign speeches. Clinton was a huge asset to the Democrat party but ultimately recent movements have made his stock and support plummet.

Tara Setmayer, who is a senior advisor for the anti-Trump Lincoln Project said, “We’re going to see a lot more of President Obama during this election. He’s the best surrogate for President Biden for the constituencies that he needs to shore up: Black voters, young voters, the Democratic coalition.”

She continued, “Bill Clinton still has an appeal in a certain constituency within the Democratic establishment, so they will use him where they think he’s best suited. If they didn’t think he had value, he would not have been on that stage.”

As a team of former rivals, the three presidents have teamed up to push Biden into a second term, and Biden is hoping he can be successful with that like both of these former presidents.

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