Biden’s Fundraiser with Obama and Clinton Hits A HIGH?!

Biden’s Newest Campaign Hitting Record Numbers?!

( – A fundraiser in New York City for Joe Biden, which also includes Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, has raised over twenty-five million dollars, which is a record-setting number.

Biden has been struggling with the polls as he’s looking for votes going up against his competitor Donald Trump. However, this new campaign has gotten Biden a new slew of Democratic support. Biden seems hopeful and is excited to see how this will make a difference in his upcoming campaign against Trump.

Biden has traveled to many political battlegrounds since his State of the Union Address, attempting to ride the momentum. The Radio City Music Hall Event will be a milestone that will have more than three decades of Democratic leadership within it.

The event will include not only Biden, Obama, and Clinton, but there will also be talk show host Stephen Colbert and a lineup of musical performers such as Lizzo, Queen Latifah, Cynthia Erivo, Ben Platt, and Lea Michele with ticket prices starting at over two hundred dollars.

The way the donations work is that the more that people donate, the more time they will get with the president, whether it is a photo, access to a reception, or getting them into other exclusive gatherings.

Obama and Clinton are ultimately trying to expand Biden’s cash advantage over Trump, although Trump proved that he can win an election even without the most fundraising results.

“This historic raise is a show of strong enthusiasm for President Biden and Vice President Harris and a testament to the unprecedented fundraising machine we’ve built,” said Jeffrey Katzenberg, the Biden campaign co-chair.

He continued, “Unlike our opponent, every dollar we’re raising is going to reach the voters who will decide this election.”

Leon Panetta, who served in top positions under Clinton and Obama said that this fundraiser was an important part of Biden’s campaign. He continued by saying, “I can’t think of two people who would be better at putting together that kind of message.”

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