Poll Shows That Americans View China as An Enemy

(VitalNews.org) – According to a Pew Research Center, a survey released shows that a large number of Americans have an unfavorable view of China and view them as an enemy of the United States.

Over forty percent of those who were polled labeled China as an enemy of the U.S. which is the highest number since they began asking this question. Many people polled also said that China was a competitor, not a partner.

These results come at a time when China and United States relations are tense, especially with the U.S. election approaching. Both Joe Biden and former president Donald Trump have shown tough stances regarding China; multiple decisions have been made regarding trading and sanctions with China.

The potential ban on the TikTok platform owned by ByteDance has also amped up the tension between the countries. People who voted on the survey said that curbing China’s power and influence, especially in trade, should be a “top foreign policy priority for the U.S.”

“They are likewise critical of China’s impact on the U.S. economy, describing its influence as large and negative,” Pew said.

After looking at the survey, the results varied often between age and political affiliation. They also found that people who viewed the economy as bad mostly blamed China and had a more negative view of it.

Additionally, they found that those between the ages of eighteen and thirty reported more favorable views of China than any other group of people.

Graham Allison, Harvard University government professor and former U.S. assistant secretary of defense for policy and plans, said, “The relationship is becoming slightly more stable, even though fundamentally it remains a struggle between competition on the one hand and cooperation on the other.”

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