Pentagon Refuses to Issue Security Clearance for Dictator Relative

( – A United States citizen who is closely related to a “Dictator” from an “authoritarian state” was denied security clearance by the Pentagon because of her familial ties. She already has security clearance, but she was looking to acquire top-secret status.

The applicant, who is described as a thirty-year-old woman, was rejected even when she appealed her clearance denial since there were fears she may be subject to foreign influence. The details of the woman’s name and the country where her relative rules were not revealed, but there is speculation that the person in power is Kim Jong Un, the North Korean leader.

Administrative Judge Edward Loughran wrote, “Applicant has a close family member who is the dictator of Country X, which is an authoritarian state…It is hostile to the United States, with an extremely poor human rights record.”

Loughran added, “It supports international terrorism, and it conducts cyberattacks and espionage against the United States.”

When narrowing down the countries that he could be referring to, the four that come to mind are North Korea, Iran, Cuba, and Syria. When comparing that to those with cyberattacks, this could be North Korea or Iran.

According to the document, the woman traveled to the United States in the nineties with her immediate family. They became U.S. citizens immediately and she’s not married to a U.S.-born citizen.

The document states, “Applicant’s parents changed their and their children’s names when they came to the United States.” It continues, “None of her immediate family members have ever returned to Country X or maintained contact with any of their family in Country X.”

The judge continued, “Applicant is intelligent, honest, loyal to the United States, a model employee, and a current clearance holder with no evidence of any security problems.” Ultimately, he decided not to give her clearance because he couldn’t get over the possible security threat it could pose.

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