Train Evacuated after Virus Outbreak

Global Virus variant and mutating cells concept or new coronavirus b.1.1.7 variants outbreak and covid-19 viral cell mutation as an influenza background with dangerous flu strain as a 3D render.

( – A dead virus outbreak in Russia has resulted in a mass train evacuation as authorities rush to contain the illness. The governor of Russia’s Saratov Region, Roman Busargin, reported that at least 15 cases of type A influenza have been diagnosed after laboratory tests identified the virus.

On Thursday, Dec. 21, a 12-year-old girl died on a train after experiencing flu-like symptoms. The death led to Russia’s Investigative Committee opening a criminal case. The girl was just one among over a hundred children who were taken to the hospital for health examinations.

Escorted by chaperons, at least 125 minors from the Lugansk People’s Republic were on their way back from a health camp retreat in Tyumen, Siberia when the outbreak occurred. The 12-year-old girl’s health suddenly took a sharp turn, according to authorities, and began to rapidly decline. When her fever began to accelerate, the girl was given medication to help reduce her temperature. A few hours later, according to a Russian Telegram channel Mash Ural, the girl began to turn pale and then “lost consciousness.”

Russian Railways said in an official statement that the train’s conductor made an unscheduled stop at the nearest station in southeast Russia. An ambulance was contacted. “Unfortunately,” the Russian Railways statement said, the girl “could not be saved.” The Investigative Committee’s report says a forensic test will be conducted to determine the exact cause of death.

After the girl’s death, every other child on the train was transported to the closest hospital. Busargin confirmed that at least 15 of those children tested positive for influenza type A after lab tests were conducted, with the majority showing signs of acute viral infection. Seven of the 86 children hospitalized had high fevers and moderate symptoms. The Russian Health Ministry said their lives aren’t in danger.

Thirty-eight of the children and 11 adult caregivers were transported to a temporary shelter for quarantine but are not exhibiting any symptoms.

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