Kanye West Apologizes for Antisemitic Rants

(VitalNews.org) – It appears rapper and fashion designer Ye (more commonly known as Kanye West) is trying to end the year on a high note by apologizing to Jewish people for his controversial antisemitic remarks and rants throughout 2023 and going back to 2022.

West posted a statement on the morning after Christmas on his Instagram page. The message was written in Hebrew, which left many of his followers confused as they could not read it. People commenting on the post began to share translations, some of which claimed the message said the opposite of what it does.

Ultimately, West wrote that he “sincerely” apologizes “to the Jewish community for any unintended outburst” his words or actions may have caused. The rapper said it wasn’t his “intention to hurt or disrespect” and that he “deeply” regrets the pain he may have caused. West vowed that he is “committed” to “learning from this experience” in order to achieve “greater sensitivity and understanding” going forward.

He concluded the message by stating the forgiveness of the Jewish community is “important” to him and reiterated his commitment to make “amends” and promote “unity.”

A few days before the apology, on Dec. 15, West sparked fresh outrage by going on another rant during an album post-launch party in Las Vegas in which he referenced Hitler again. During the tirade, West claimed Zionists and wealthy Jewish families secretly controlled the world.

Earlier in the year, West appeared on The Alex Jones Show and praised the German leader, who West said had some redeeming qualities. Before that, he made other anti-semitic remarks in various podcast interviews. West was also banned from Twitter by Elon Musk for similar remarks posted on the platform.

The negative response to West’s comments was swift. Endorsements began to drop the rapper left and right, fearing their association with him would harm their business. In 2022, the Campaign Against Antisemitism even named him “Antisemite of the Year.”

West, who ran for president in 2020, has teased a 2024 presidential run, but never officially threw his hat in the ring.

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