Peter Schweizer Predicts Biden Family in Trouble

( – Peter Schweizer, the President of the Government Accountability Institute, has weighed in on the recent revelations of the IRS whistle-blowers concerning the Hunter Biden investigation. He praised the whistle-blowers, who, he said, could have chosen to live quiet and comfortable lives, but instead chose to stand up and tell the world that something is seriously wrong inside the United States Government.

Concerning the Biden family corruption allegations, he said that under normal circumstances Hunter Biden would be standing trial not only for tax evasion, which is a felony but also for breaking the laws surrounding the Foreign Agents Registration Act. At the moment, Hunter Biden is only facing a couple of misdemeanor charges, which Schweizer said was totally inappropriate.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has been accused by the whistle-blowers of blocking the US Attorney in Delaware from bringing felony charges against Hunter Biden, implying that not only was the DOJ failing to do its job properly, but also that Hunter Biden was being held to a different standard than the rest of the American public.

He gave the example of the DOJ giving a special treatment by notifying the Biden family lawyers in advance of a planned raid by the IRS on a warehouse in Northern Virginia. On this matter, the whistle-blowers independently corroborated each other, and other documents, emails, and witness statements confirmed the facts.

Schweizer said that there were many examples throughout American history of top-ranking politicians who became greedy, arrogant, and so convinced of their own untouchability that they thought they could get away with anything. He pointed to a recently issued White House statement that said that President Joe Biden was never in business with his son Hunter Biden, despite mounting evidence that they were both involved in a cash-for-influence scheme with Chinese and Ukrainian officials.

He said that everything is pointing to the likelihood that President Biden is going to be severely compromised going into the 2024 elections and he would not be surprised to see other contenders jumping into the presidential race.

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