A Relative of “Worst Landlord” in NYC Gets Criticized

(VitalNews.org) – A relative of New York’s “worst landlord” is being called ”inhumane and heartless” by the tenants living in the residence. These allegations come not long after a member of their family was indicted over allegations of tenant harassment.

The building in question is located on Cathedral Parkway, and the tenants believe that landlord Fred Ohebshalom has allowed the building to fall into disrepair, now pushing out long-term tenants so he can charge more for rent and then cash in.

Roger Rubin, a long-term tenant of over thirty years, said “I don’t know where to begin. They’ve run off a lot of people.”

Some of the recent issues that tenants described include massive flooding, the building’s elevator being broken a lot of the time, and the gas not working for over a year, leading tenants to cook on camp stoves.

Ohebshalom, who owns the building, is a relative of Daniel Ohebshalom who was recently jailed after there were seven hundred violations filed at his buildings. The stories about his management style go back for years and include everything from terrorizing tenants to forcing them to live in poor conditions.

Anders, who has twice sued Ohebshalom’s management company, said, “It’s happened that over the course of many years, that several of the rent-stabilized tenants have left.”

Anders continued, “They’ve all experienced the same thing I have – which is that they never answer your call, they never get back to you about anything. They never informed anybody of what they were doing or not doing. Once they leave, they renovate and pile more people in.”

The city had taken a lawsuit out on Ohebshalom last year, citing over three hundred violations. “The Defendants have allowed their buildings to deteriorate to the point where they pose an imminent threat to the health and safety of the tenants and the public. These buildings and conditions herein constitute public nuisances and violate City laws enacted to protect tenants and safeguard buildings,” the lawsuit stated.

Despite the lawsuit, tenants are still complaining about the management and they have said that things haven’t changed.

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