FAA Cleared United Airlines to Add More Aircraft and Routes

(VitalNews.org) – United Airlines stated that the Federal Aviation Administration has cleared them to add more aircraft and new routes. After multiple safety violations, the regulators scrutinized the aircraft company, but they are getting back in business after the violations.

United Airlines wrote to employees saying, “Today, we got some good news: after a careful review and discussion about the proactive safety steps United has taken to date, our FAA Certificate Management Office has allowed us to begin the process of restarting our certification activities, including new aircraft and routes, and we will continue to coordinate closely with the FAA.”

They stated that they paused all new aircraft creations and new routes as the FAA increased scrutiny, although, they did say that there is more work to be done by United Airlines to ensure future safety.

“We will continue to see an FAA presence in our operation as they review our work processes, manuals and facilities,” said the FAA

At a later time, the Federal Aviation Administration stated that they hadn’t approved any motions for expanding their routes or planes. They said that the investigation is “ongoing and safety will determine the timeline for completing it.”

United Airlines is not the only aviation company that has been dealing with safety issues. Boeing recently had multiple issues, leading to delays, airline pauses, and cancellations to deal with it. Although these issues were from older jets, there were still concerns since the incidents were recent, and since there were many of them.

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