World Marks New Global Heat Record

( – According to Europe’s climate monitoring systems they have said that the world just experienced the warmest March on record.

The European Union’s Copernicus Climate Change Service said that March averaged almost fifty-seven degrees throughout the month which is a bit more than it was in previous years.

Places from Africa to Greenland, and even Antarctica, experienced higher-than-normal temperatures. It’s said that it’s the tenth consecutive record-breaking month and it marked the hottest twelve-month period recorded.

Ultimately, experts say that the reason for this increase in heat is because of the increase in greenhouse emissions.

Samantha Burgess of C3S stated the worry, saying, “It’s the long-term trend with exceptional records that has us very concerned.”

“Seeing records like this really shows us that our climate is changing rapidly,” she added.

Experts are watching the temperatures to make sure they are under the limit that was agreed upon by leaders in Paris. Although we haven’t met that limit yet, experts say we are quite close and Burgess says we are “on borrowed time.”

With the warmer temperatures on land, we have also seen warming ocean temperatures. Oceans help to absorb most of the excess heat from carbon dioxide, which means that when our land temperatures are high, so are our ocean temperatures.

Woodwell Climate Research Center scientist Jennifer Francis said, “The trajectory will not change until concentrations of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere stop rising.” She continued, “which means we must stop burning fossil fuels, stop deforestation, and grow our food more sustainably as quickly as possible.”

Scientists have said that hotter ocean temperatures can make for a rise in moisture in the atmosphere which can cause heavy rain, strong winds, and other weather issues.

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