Walmart Unveils New Grocery Brand Amid Inflation

( – Walmart has announced that they will be debuting a new grocery brand to help keep people shopping within their stores amid inflation.

The private label brand will be called Bettergoods and will be a more affordable grocery brand with most items being below five dollars. Scott Morris, senior vice president of private brands, foods, and consumables for Walmart said that this brand debut is in response to people saying they wanted more “elevated culinary, inspirational types of items.” They’ve said that they expect this to appeal more to younger buyers.

Walmart’s grocery sector makes up over sixty percent of their sales, which proves that this is a huge market for the company, and investing to make it more accessible is a smart move.

With this, the company has noticed that there is an opportunity for new flavors and lower prices as inflation continues to affect grocery pricing. Inflation has caused many people to branch off of their regular brands and try private label brands or shop at stores like Lidl and Aldi instead, as they carry more of their private label brands.

Grocers have done more than just come out with simple products like canned goods, they are expanding their private labels to include more unique items.

The grocery brand, Bettergoods, will include items like frozen foods, dairy, and snacks which can range from two to fifteen dollars. There are also three main categories: they’ll have items with more culinary flair, plant-based items, and items that exclude certain ingredients such as gluten-free products. Bettergoods will not replace Great Value, but it will be a brand that is alongside this one and will offer more variety.

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