Israeli Special Forces Disguised As Doctors?!

( – It has been reported that Israeli forces were dressed in doctors’ scrubs and women’s clothes in order to get into the West Bank city.

These forces went in disguised and killed three Palestinian militants in an undercover operation. It’s said that they made their way into a room on the third floor and proceeded to shoot all three men in the head with pistols. The attack itself was quick and is said to have taken under 10 minutes to execute.

A staff member explained what happened as they saw the attack unfolding. They said that there were about 12 special forces members spread out over the hospital as they watched to make sure there was no interference, and only a few of the special forces went into the room to shoot the men.

According to a hospital spokesperson, there was no active fire or shooting within the hospital. Tawfiq al-Shobaki said, “What happened is a precedent. There was never an assassination inside a hospital. There were arrests and assaults but not an assassination.”

Many feel that hospitals are no place for this since it’s against international humanitarian law. Civilians are concerned as it makes people in hospitals automatic targets. Israel justifies the tactics since they discovered that there are underground tunnels that lead into Gaza hospitals, which they believe are used by Hamas.

With this said, there have already been a lot of missions that have been targeted by people. These hospitals in the Gaza Strip have wanted men, high officials, military personnel, and many others that the IDF may think of as targets. This justification has now set a precedent for violence in hospitals.

According to Israel, the dead men were Mohammad Jalamana, Basel Ghazawi, and Mohammad Ghazawi. These three men were a part of the Jenin Battalion which is a newly formed group that has been a target of the Israeli fight.

It was said, according to authorities, that these men were planning a similar attack to the one that was committed on October 7. The October 7 attack killed over 1,100 people and sparked the war in Gaza which has killed over 26,000 people. It has also resulted in over 2 million people being displaced from Gaza.

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