High-Speed Bullet Train From Las Vegas to Los Angeles?!

(VitalNews.org) – A new bullet train worth twelve billion dollars will soon be linking Los Angeles to Las Vegas for America’s first true high-speed bullet train. The company that is building the high-speed train has said that they can expect plenty of high-ticket-paying riders for the train’s first run in 2028.

“People have been dreaming of high-speed rail in America for decades…It’s really happening this time,” said Pete Buttigieg, the U.S. Transportation Secretary.

Buttigieg said that the Biden administration has shown support since it would bring thousands of jobs and boost local economies in the area. The company says that its goal would be to have these trains exceed 186 miles per hour. This mph range is comparable to Japan’s Shinkansen trains.

Wes Edens, the founder of Brightline Holdings, which has made the proposed plans, said, “I believe we’ll look back at today and say, ’This was the birth of an industry of high-speed rail.’”

The main goal for the company is to link together cities that would be too far to drive to but wouldn’t make sense to fly to. It could also be an alternative transportation method for those who are traveling between larger cities in general.

For both Los Angeles and Las Vegas this would be the first bullet train. It’s even more of a step for Las Vegas since they don’t even have Amtrak.

Officials also hope that this train will help to alleviate some of the traffic that they see in this area by giving people another mode of transportation. The plans have been put in motion for a few years now but the final process is set to begin after they acquire all of the necessary permits and authorization they needed.

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