Allegations of Chinese Interference in US Elections: What We Know

( – According to Washington, they have seen evidence of China trying to influence the upcoming elections. The Secretary of State visited China and stated that they have seen evidence of Beijing attempting to “influence and arguably interfere” in this year’s election.

Antony Blinken spoke out to reiterate Joe Biden’s warning which told the president of China not to interfere, to chid Xi Jinping said that they would not. Blinken was asked if China was keeping their promise and he responded with “We have seen, generally speaking, evidence of attempts to influence, and arguably interfere, and we want to make sure that that’s cut off as quickly as possible.”

“Any interference by China in our election is something that we’re looking very carefully at and is totally unacceptable to us,” he continued.

There hasn’t been much response from China on these accusations or on the possible sanctions that the United States has said they would impose on China because of their support to Russia. Blinken said that the relationship is looking positive between the two after a meeting that they had and also brought up collaborations the two countries are doing regarding AI and other aspects.

With this said, Blinken said that the main conflict of disagreement is the Chinese support of Russia’s invasion into Ukraine.

“China is the top supplier of machine tools, micro electronics, nitrocellulose, which is critical to making munitions, and rocket propellants, and other dual-use items that Moscow is using to ramp up its defence industrial base,” Blinken said.

“Russia would struggle to sustain its assault on Ukraine without China’s support.”

Officials have said that fueling Russia is not only bad for Ukraine but it also goes against Europe by supporting one of the biggest threats to Europe.

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