Palestinians Mourn Loss of Culture Amid Death Toll

( – Palestinians are feeling defeated as they are mourning the loss of culture with the loss of their people. The war has affected many Palestinians including Palestina American Lena Badr who said she was “horrified and immediately concerned” about what Israel’s retaliation on them would mean for Gaza.

Badr said that she scrambled to send money to her relatives in Gaza in anticipation of what was to come for them. “I knew it would be bad. I did not – I could not have envisioned that it would be this bad.”

She continued to say that two of her family’s homes were bombed and that she’d lost a total of fifteen family members as a result of the war. “Palestinian people have always been deliberately silenced, or preferably unheard victims and I’m determined to change that,” Badr said.

Palestinians have spoken out saying that the massive loss of life for them has also diminished their culture. Many of them worry what this could mean for their culture and future generations with so much of their bloodline lost.

Helga Tawil-Souri, a professor of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies at New York University said the loss could affect the Palestinian culture for years. “Every song, every dance, every recipe, every expression is itself a form of resistance against our erasure and our obliteration,” said Tawil-Souri

Tawil-Souri continued, “Culture is also not just simply what is being done at the moment, but what connects us across these sorts of timeframes.”

In addition to the loss of life, Palestinian cultural sites like mosques, universities, and museums have been destroyed. Palestinians have said that they don’t know an aspect of their culture that hasn’t been touched by the destruction resulting from the war.

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