Chinese Platform iQiyi Moves to Utilizing AI For Content

( – The Chinese video streaming platform iQiyi has been focusing on its aging population and is looking to pivot its model to include artificial intelligence. iQiyi has said that one of their biggest goals is to improve their product offering for elderly people in their country.

“It seems simple but it’s not, because in the past 10, 20 years the motto has been to serve young people, and not be traditional,” CEO and founder Gong Yu said.

He continued to say that elderly people are spending much less time on social media because the screens are deteriorating their eyesight and causing problems like being unable to read small text. He also said that they predict their population by 2033 will be one-fourth elderly and that this could continue to increase. China is aging as a whole as people are getting older and fewer people are having children.

The CEO also spoke out about the children, saying that because there are fewer of them, each one is even more important and that they will spend time making better content for children.

Liu Wenfeng, iQiyi’s chief technology officer, said that they would be “embracing AI.” He even went as far as showing off some of the tools that the company would use to help imitate a multi-camera shot and also stated how elements could be reused in different areas like the Metaverse.

Wenfeng also stated how AI could help them be more efficient because it would help to analyze novels and also detect which entertainment options weren’t as popular among viewers. They continued to say that AI would help the creators as well, but there aren’t any other details about their AI programs as they are trying to maintain confidentiality.

The company is also looking to tap into other markets as they are just beginning to become profitable and are looking towards future expansion.

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