Google to Combine Their Android and Pixel Systems to Support AI?!

( – Google has announced that they will be combining the software for Android and the hardware for Pixel and Fitbit; combining these areas would help integrate artificial intelligence more widely throughout the company.

Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, said that these changes would “turbocharge the Android and Chrome ecosystems” and that it would push for more development and innovation. Rick Osterloh, who previously oversaw Google’s hardware, would now oversee both operations.

Google moved Android from its hardware division to help eliminate too much competition with other developers, however, since then Pixel has been a flagship and leader when it comes to seeing what AI could accomplish. Osterloh said that the main reason the company was merging these two areas was because of the integration of AI and for the hardware and software to be able to run on mobile devices.

Osterloh stated, “That hardware-software-AI integration really showed how AI could totally transform a user experience…That was important. And it’s even more true today.”

He also explains that doing this could help Google move even faster to influencing AI into many different aspects of their features. He explained that integrating AI into the Pixel camera last year took a vast knowledge of the systems and AI technology, especially in the early its early months.

Chirag Dekate, an analyst, said, “Google wants to dominate the AI, the commanding heights of the emerging AI economy, both on the consumer side as well as on the enterprise side, essentially by infusing AI everywhere and by connecting it.”

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