Australia Says They Are Not Partnering With Japan to Create “Jaukus”

( – Aukus partners have spoken out saying that their military initiative with Japan is not to create ”Jaukus.”

This statement from Australia comes right after the announcement that Aukus, which consists of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, would be teaming up with Japan. The Australian defense minister, the UK defense secretary, and the US defense secretary said that they were looking for an advanced military “in support of regional stability and security.”

This idea of these countries working together has concerned China as they are worried about the group’s plan for confrontation. Aukus does talk about Australia’s nuclear submarines and underwater drones, quantum technologies, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and more.

Anthony Albanese, the Australian prime minister said that Japan was a natural candidate for them.

“We’ve already stepped up our defense relationship with Japan in agreements I’ve signed with Prime Minister Kishida, including access by Japan for Australian bases,” he said.

Officials have said that Japan has a “very advanced technological industrial base” they would like to benefit from, but that this doesn’t mean Japan is joining the group.

The Australian defense industry minister, Pat Conroy said “Any projects would be about technological collaboration where it makes sense for all parties involved.”

“It’s not about Japan joining Aukus. It’s not about Japan being part of the Five Eyes intelligence community,” he continued.

The Aukus Defense Minister said that partnering with Japan and getting their help in defense and industry will help Aukus to improve their defense systems and “deter coercion or aggression in the region more effectively.”

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