AI Company Stability Lays Off Many People After CEO Steps Down

( – The artificial intelligence company Stability is laying off ten percent of its employees following a controversial CEO exit. Stability is an AI system that is under the Stable Diffusion text-to-image model. Their CEO, Emad Mostaque, stepped down after saying that he was going to pursue “decentralized AI” and that he would be replaced by Shan Shan Wong and Christian Laforte.

The exit of their CEO caused controversy since it prompted questions regarding his credentials. Many people said that he misled them about having a master’s degree from Oxford University and that he wasn’t transparent about his relationship with Amazon. His response at the time was that they were “false accusations and misrepresentations.”

Fast forward to now, the new CEOs, Wong and Laforte, sent out an email explaining that they needed to “restructure parts of the business, which will sadly mean saying goodbye to some colleagues.”

Wong and Leforte said, in reference to the layoffs, “Those who are affected by this have been notified individually and we will be supporting them throughout this period.” According to data available online, they laid off about ten percent of their workforce which accounted for nearly two hundred people.

The employees affected by the layoff are mostly from the operational side of their business and they have already been officially notified about it.

“These decisions have not been taken lightly and they are intended to right-size parts of the business and focus our operations, which is critical to setting us on a more sustainable path – and to put us in the best possible position to continue developing cutting-edge models and products,” the statement said.

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