AI Companies Forced To Disclose Copyrighted Art?!

( – A new bill that was introduced in the United States would force artificial intelligence companies to reveal any of the copyrighted materials that they use. There has been a recent push from artists and lawmakers to look into how AI companies are using copyrighted materials like songs, books, movies, and art for their models. It’s looking into whether or not they are illegally using content to help build their AI models and companies.

California Democratic congressman Adam Schiff introduced this new bill called the Generative AI Copyright Disclosure Act. It would require companies to submit a document that lists all their copyrighted materials to the Register of Copyrights before releasing new systems.

Schiff stated, “AI has the disruptive potential of changing our economy, our political system, and our day-to-day lives. We must balance the immense potential of AI with the crucial need for ethical guidelines and protections.”

There’s been a focus on whether or not these companies are illegally using content to train and build their AI systems and the government has been investigating the matter. This bill wouldn’t force them to stop using copyrighted materials but it would make them transparent about the materials they use, which is actually something that’s kept private to the company.

Schiff’s bill has gotten a lot of support from many companies within the entertainment industry including the Recording Industry Association of America and SAG-AFTRA.

Duncan Crabtree-Ireland the Screen Actors Guild’s national executive director and chief negotiator commented “Everything generated by AI ultimately originates from a human creative source. That’s why human creative content–intellectual property–must be protected.”
Companies and groups including the New York Times have brought out multiple copyright infringement lawsuits against OpenAI for using copyrighted materials to build their systems.
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