RFK Jr. Stays Silent on SCOTUS Nomination Questions

(VitalNews.org) – Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the latest member of the politically ambitious Kennedy family to make a bid for the US presidency, struggled to answer the question of who he would like to nominate to the Supreme Court should he become president. During an interview with conservative commentator Charlie Kirk, the 2024 independent candidate at first avoided naming any particular judge who he felt would make the best option for the role. Instead, Kennedy answered that he would select a judge whose values aligned with his own, although upon further questioning said that he or she would not have to agree with him on every issue, saying instead that he would look at “the whole package”.

Kirk was keen for Kennedy to name a judge that he would appoint, or failing that, to name the current or past Supreme Court judge whose views he most agrees with. After some further back and forth on the matter, Kennedy named Justice Earl Warren as his favorite Supreme Court justice. When Kirk referred to the act of Warren’s court banning prayer in public schools, Kennedy reiterated that he did not like the idea of naming his preferred judge in the context of the interview, adding that “the trick” was then for Kirk to point out a contentious position that judge held, and that Kennedy would likely disagree with.

Kirk was quick to deny using any tricks against the presidential hopeful, and expressed his view that the Supreme Court nomination was a highly important issue for many voters as it would likely impact on other areas of concern for them, such as abortion and gun rights. Kennedy responded with his own set of important issues for the presidency, which included bodily autonomy, civil rights, free-market capitalism and keeping a hostile view towards corruption.

When Kirk asked Kennedy if a judge’s pro-affirmative action view would disqualify him or her from his nomination, he answered in the negative, saying that one single view would not be enough to decide a judge’s capability for the role.

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