OpenAI Opens First Asian Office in Japan?!

( – OpenAI just opened its first-ever Asian office located in Tokyo, Japan. The ChatGPT developer, OpenAI has been talking about moving to other countries and expanding their global presence, and this would mark the beginning of.

CEO of OpenAI Sam Altman said “We’re excited to be in Japan which has a rich history of people and technology coming together to do more. We believe AI will accelerate work by empowering people to be more creative and productive, while also delivering broad value to current and new industries that have yet to be imagined.”

The company has appointed a new president of OpenAI Japan, Tadao Nagasaki, and they will be the head of commercial and market engagement. Tokyo was chosen by the company because of its leadership in technology as well as being a part of a community that embraces innovation.

“As a first step in our long-term commitment to the region, we’re providing local businesses with early access to a GPT-4 custom model specifically optimized for the Japanese language,” according to the statement by OpenAI.

“This custom model offers improved performance in translating and summarizing Japanese text, is cost-effective, and operates up to 3x faster than its predecessor,” it added.

Many different Japanese businesses and manufacturers are now using AI to help their efficiency and innovation. Many companies have invested in the AI platform, such as Microsoft which invested almost three billion dollars, and are beginning to see benefits to investing in the AI infrastructure.

Microsoft said, “This is the single largest investment in its 46-year history in Japan, also the site of its first international office.”

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