Ice Therapy Can Kill Breast Cancer Tumors?!

( – A new discovery in breast cancer treatment has been uncovered and it includes using ice to kill breast cancer tumors.

New research conducted by the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York showed that cold therapy was effective in freezing and destroying small cancerous tumors.

The technique, called Cryoablation, would be a minimally invasive treatment that would be great for those who are not eligible for surgery.

The evaluation was for sixty patients who got the Cryoablation because they weren’t candidates for surgery. Out of those sixty, ninety percent of patients didn’t experience a cancer recurrence after sixteen months.

Dr Yolanda Bryce, an interventional radiologist said “Traditionally, the standard of care for patients with breast cancer is to have surgery to remove the tumor – especially if the cancer is localized to the breast and has not spread to other parts of the body.”

However, sometimes those who are on blood thinners or people with underlying conditions may not be eligible for surgery and this is where Cyroablatian will come in.

The process works by a radiologist inserting needle-like probes into the breast to create a ball of ice around the tumor, killing the cells. According to researchers, this combined with normal treatment options can destroy one hundred percent of tumors.

“For a long time, cryoablation has been used to treat smaller breast tumors, but this study shows that cryoablation can actually be effective for patients with larger tumors as well,” Bryce said.

Bryce said that the biggest risk associated with this treatment is potential injury or damage to the skin because of the freeze which can cause skin freezer burn. However, Bryce said that those who did have these adverse effects were successfully treated with skin ointment and pain medications.

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