Amazon Executive Says It’s A Myth that Robots Steal Jobs

( – A top Amazon executive spoke out saying that robots are not stealing jobs away from humans. Stefano La Rovere, director of global robotics, mechatronics, and sustainable packaging at Amazon said that robots are not stealing jobs but rather they are helping to advance and enhance people’s jobs.

“It’s a myth that technology and robots take out jobs,” La Rovere said.

He said that there are new technologies that are opening up new job categories. Amazon said that the new introduction of these technologies has enhanced more than fifty thousand job roles.

Amazon’s European fulfillment center is seeing a huge increase in these technologies with one thousand new technologies added and over seven hundred million euros invested.

La Rovere explained the benefits, saying, “Robots and technology help our employees by reducing the walking distance between assignments, by taking away repetitive motions, or by helping them to lift heavy weights.”

He continued by saying, “In turn, our employees can learn new skills, they can learn new competencies, they can acquire new capabilities that allow them to progress towards their career objectives.”

Artificial intelligence is just one category of technology that has taken off and many people have adopted it into their own businesses somehow. AI can be a huge asset to companies looking to invest in technology and increase their efficiency.

According to La Rovere, the implementation of this technology has introduced 700 new job categories for the business. Amazon is said to be bringing automation to their fulfillment centers and that they would help pack and ready deliveries.

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