Water Crisis in the United States, Reports Reveal

Water Crisis in the United States, Reports Reveal

(VitalNews.org) – While people who reside in the northern part of the United States are generally familiar with water pipes freezing and bursting, the south doesn’t typically have that problem. But the second half of December 2022 brought extremely cold temperatures to some in the north and temperatures below freezing point in the south. As a result, many pipes froze and burst in places like South Carolina and Alabama.

On December 24, officials in Jackson, Mississippi, reported water line breaks caused low to no pressure for many residents in the area. Local spokesperson Melissa Payne said crews were working on the problem and prolonged freezing temperatures were to blame. Breitbart reported a few days later that parts of Louisiana and Georgia were also having water problems.

Mayor James Perkins Jr. of Selma, Alabama made a post on Facebook on Christmas Day alerting citizens to the possibility the town might run out of water because of the “deep freeze.” So, he declared a State of Emergency and asked residents to double-check their pipes to look for any that burst or were leaking.

Charleston, South Carolina, reportedly experienced hundreds of pipe bursts as well, resulting in the loss of about 50 million gallons of water. Charleston Water System spokesperson Mike Saia referred to the incident as a “death by 1,000 cuts” because all the individual leaks were adding up to big losses.

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