Ohio College Students Launch System to Alert Crime Around Campus

(VitalNews.org) – Students from the University of Cincinnati have come together to create Cincy Crime Stoppers which is an Instagram page that would alert students about incidents that happen on campus.

The description on the Instagram Page said “Bearcats who live off-campus and have been a victim of a crime” could “send in anonymous tips to help keep the community safe.”

Hailey Smith, a criminal justice student, said “We’re a group of students who have all been victims of different things while we’re students at UC.”

“We noticed that there needed to be some sort of outlet for students to be more aware of what’s happening around the campus,” she continued.

Smith said that the students wanted a way to alert each other about things that happened on campus, saying, “Cars on our street get broken into at least a couple times every month.” She stated that the university can be “vague” in their alerts but that the Instagram page would be as specific as possible so they can alert other students about crimes happening on and off campus in the area.

Smith added, “We want to get confirmed information before we send it out, of course, and we also want to put out the most important stuff, but also this stuff that is unreported by UC.”

This was prompted after the students mourned the death of a classmate, Benjamin Addison who was 21 years old. Benjamin was a victim of a fatal shooting while he was attempting to stop a car theft.

He attempted to stop a robbery that was being conducted on his vehicle by two people and he was fatally shot by what authorities say was a 17-year-old who was attempting to break into Addison’s car.

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