First Ever Augmented Reality Surgery Done in Chile?!

( – With the combination of Meta’s Quest 3 XR headset and Levita’s MARS system, Dr.Alberto Rodriguez from Chile was able to conduct a surgery called a cholecystectomy, or a gallbladder removal using the augmented reality system.

Dr. Rodriguez spoke about the difficulties that surgeons face every single day and how advancements like these could help. He said, “That’s why we decided to start the company, to create better tools for surgeons.”

He continued by saying that the machines and magnets available by the MARS system help them with visualization during the surgery. “With the magnets, you reduce the number of incisions for the patient. That means less pain, fewer scars, and a better recovery.”

Rodriguez added, “The machine enables you to control the tools, so you can see better and have control.” Rodriguez says that he will be conducting trials on AR technology in surgery and that his focus will be mostly on precision and ergonomics.

Artificial intelligence has been expanding all over and augmented reality seems to be right behind it. Some surgeons are excited about the possibilities and since this could change the medical field forever. However, others aren’t as happy about it and say that this could make surgeons reliant on the technology. This could mean that doctors wouldn’t be as reliable without it and they could lack the knowledge when it comes to older surgery methods.

Dr. Harvey Castro, an ER physician and an expert in AI healthcare said, “This innovative approach enhances surgical precision and patient care, but introduces significant changes and challenges requiring careful consideration.”

Castro also said that there was a potential for technological issues such as glitching, hacking, or others.

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