FBI Opens Investigation into Baltimore Bridge Collapse

(VitalNews.org) – The Federal Bureau of Investigation has officially launched an investigation into the Baltimore bridge collapse in order to find out the details of what happened before the Dali ship crashed.

At the beginning of the week, there were investigators seen at the ship as they looked for evidence in the case. They will be looking into what happened before the collision and also looking to see if the crew knew about any potential issues prior to leaving for their journey.

The investigation is supported by the family members of those who were killed in the accident since they want answers as to what happened that could result in such a tragedy.

“The FBI is present aboard the cargo ship Dali conducting court-authorized law enforcement activity,” said the statement from the FBI. There haven’t been many other details given out about the investigation or what it may look like and consist of.

However, the National Transportation Safety Board is leading its own separate investigation into the collision as well to look into safety concerns.

This event of the Dali ship striking the Baltimore bridge killed six people, all of them workers who were repairing the bridge, and two others survived. Over twenty people were on the ship when it collided with the bridge, leaving people looking for answers and wondering what exactly happened before the crash.

“We are horrified by what has happened in Baltimore, and our thoughts are with all of those affected,” said the shipping company at the time of the collision. The collapse has made ports close and detours available for ships that normally would go through that area.

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