Fatal Texas Crash Caused By Ford Autopilot

(VitalNews.org) – The driver of a vehicle that was involved in a fatal crash in February was said to have been driving a Ford electric SUV and using their vehicle’s autopilot feature.

Ford’s “Blue Cruise” driver-assist system was being used before or during the crash, according to the Mustang Mach E SUV’s data. The Ford Mustang Mach Es are currently under investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board because of their involvement in fatal crashes.

The two fatal crashes were said to have both happened at night and both crashed into stopped vehicles on the freeway. It was said that the vehicles did not or could not stop the collision. Ford has said in response that drivers need to be fully alert and ready to take over the auto-driving feature if needed.

One of the fatal crashes happened in Texas around ten at night when the vehicle hit a Honda that was stopped on the freeway. The collision killed the elderly driver of the Honda.

The second crash happened when the Ford hit a vehicle that was stopped because it had collided with another vehicle prior. The Ford slammed into the stopped vehicle and hit the owners who were standing outside of the car accident site, both of the men were killed at the scene.

The agency has said in response that they are working on safety implementations to ensure that crashes like this don’t happen again in the future. Ford’s Blue Cruise System will allow people to take their hands off the steering wheel; it automatically steers, brakes, and accelerates. However, it’s said that the system will make sure that the driver is still paying attention to the road.

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