Experts Speak On AI Bias And How To Combat It

( – Google removed its AI system called Gemini in recent weeks due to its biased results to user prompts. Following this, there has been major concern regarding companies’ handling of bias in AI and how to better regulate AI for better quality results.

Siva Ganesan, head of the AI Cloud business unit at Tata Consultancy Services said “Companies need to overcome bias if they wish to maximize the true potential of this powerful technology.”

“However, depending on the data that Gen AI is trained on, the model learns and reflects that in its outputs,” he continued.

Many experts have said that the way to ensure you’re not dealing with any bias on company artificial intelligence platforms is to build and focus on a responsible AI from the beginning. It’s important to know how the system makes decisions and gives results as well, and you should be able to trace back to why they gave those results for a certain prompt.

Ritu Jyoti from The International Data Corp said “Organizations should invest in developing explainable AI techniques that enable users to understand the reasoning behind the AI-generated content.”

On top of all this, companies need to focus on a diverse artificial intelligence system. The teams that develop the software need to be diverse and can be a huge benefit when it comes to making a diverse system that helps to avoid bias.

Experts have said that if the data is skewed or pushed in one direction then this is what creates those biased results; it can then cause your system to base its answers on a limited amount of data and diversity.

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