Canada’s Trudeau Government Looking For Younger Gen Support?

( – Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, has said that he will ask the rich to pay more in taxes. This is believed to be a push to gain support from younger generations as the extra money to the government would ultimately support them.

With the election coming up fast, the Prime Minister has proposed a bill that would be for over fifty billion Canadian dollars which would mostly be directed toward Generation Z and Millennials by helping them with affordable housing, student loans, and grants, as well as work placement programs.

Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland said that Canada’s promise has always been to make a comfortable life for middle-class people.

Freedland says, “But today, Millennial and Gen Z Canadians can get a good job, they can work hard, they can do everything their parents did and more, and too often the reward remains out of reach.” Freedland continued “They look at their parents’ lives and wonder: ‘How will I ever be able to afford that?’”

She continued to say that she knew this proposal would have some pushback but ultimately it would make the wealthy pay what they owe in taxes.

Posing a question, Freedland said, “But before they complain too bitterly, I would like Canada’s 1 percent, Canada’s 0.1 percent, to consider this: What kind of Canada do you want to live in?”

Trudeau has been criticized and has lost a lot of his support due to the cost of living and other economic issues in the country, which could mean that this proposal being passed could help him in the upcoming election.

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