Brazil Planning To Bring Back Case Against George Santos

Brazilian Prosecutors Renewing Case Against George Santos

( – During the 2022 midterm elections, New York Republican George Devolder-Santos defeated his opponent Robert Zimmerman (D) for a seat in the House of Representatives. Before Representative Santos (R-NY) was sworn into office, however, he faced much controversy about his background and financial status in the US, and America doesn’t seem to be the only country questioning the congressman.

On January 2, The New York Times (NYT) reported that authorities in Brazil are planning on reopening a fraud case against Santos. Brazilian police believe the new congressman had something to do with a stolen checkbook 15 years ago. Apparently, officials were unable to locate the suspect until his ongoing controversy hit the news.

According to a January 4 report from AFP, the Rio de Janeiro state prosecutor’s office said in an email that they had submitted a request to have the case reopened. Meanwhile, the NYT reported that the office would be issuing a request to the Justice Department to make Santos aware of the charges. The outlet revealed Santos copped to fraud on a social media site in 2009. Court records from 2008 reportedly show the legislator used a stolen checkbook and a fake name to make a purchase.

The New York lawmaker is already under investigation in the United States for questionable financial disclosures. When the then-candidate was running for office in 2020, he reportedly claimed earnings of only $55,000 total, with no significant assets. Two years later, he apparently loaned at least $607,000 to his campaign fund and PAC. The question is: Where did that money come from? According to the Times, if he made false statements about his personal finances, he could face a hefty fine and jail time.

All the legal trouble he’s in has added to the apparent embellishments Santos previously made to his resume.

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