Zelenskyy Says Multiple War Leaders Turning “Blind Eye” To Putin

(VitalNews.org) – During his latest attempt to either guilt-trip or to strong-arm world leaders into providing extra arms and other military resources in order to fight Russia, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy has attended a summit of the Arab League in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and has accused some of the Arab leaders present of “turning a blind eye” to the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

Many Arab League states have sought to maintain good relations with Russia, so far however, open support for the invasion of Ukraine has only been demonstrated by Syria – a country that has only just been re-admitted to the Arab League, and whose leader, Bashar Al-Assad, strongly supports President Putin over his military support during the recent unrest in his country.

The host nation for the Arab League summit, Saudi Arabia, has been trying to stay on the fence during the Russia-Ukraine conflict – pledging $400 million dollars to Ukraine in humanitarian aid on the one hand while simultaneously resisting the temptation to impose sanctions on Russia and trying to remain neutral.

President Zelenskyy said that Ukraine was defending itself from imperialists and colonizers and that the states that make up the Arab League should reflect on their own history of being occupied and colonized by imperialist empires in the past. He said that despite Russia’s attempts to bend Ukraine to its will, Ukraine must always remain independent and called on the Arab League to re-examine its conscience.

President Zelenskyy also traveled to the G7 summit in Hiroshima, where he received a more sympathetic welcome from representatives of the world’s most affluent democracies. He is continuing to press for advanced military fighter technology which up to now hasn’t been forthcoming, but in a surprise move at the G7 summit, the Biden administration said that it would provide F16 fighter jets and train Ukrainian pilots – a move that could be construed by Russia as an act of war between the US and Russia.

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