You’re Paying $451 BILLION Annually – Guess What For

( – American taxpayers are said to pay $451 billion each year in order to meet the cost of record levels of illegal immigration into the US via the southern border. A new report issued by House Republicans has issued a dire warning about the financial burden of illegal immigrants, claiming that only a fraction of this output is ever recovered via taxes paid by the migrants.

The interim staff report, penned by the House Homeland Security Committee has laid blame squarely at the feet of the Secretary for the Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas. The report argues that Mayorkas’ policies have allowed massive numbers of illegal aliens to enter the US and ultimately disappear from under the authorities’ eyes.

With so many immigrants seemingly able to move under the authorities’ radar, the estimated number of people living illegally in the US varies from 16.8 million to 29 million, with at least 3.8 million of those having entered the country since Pres. Biden took office in 2021. The 50-page report took care to detail the many services and areas of the economy that have been stretched as a result of this influx, ranging from border town law enforcement agencies who struggle to manage all the calls relating to possible criminal activity by migrants, to healthcare, education, and housing.

The report accuses Pres. Biden and Mr. Mayorkas of creating a huge and unfair financial burden on the state, but also on ordinary citizens and businesses who find themselves facing costs that, according to the committee chairman Mark Green, they were never prepared for, and should not have to pay.

The chairman also observed that the problems presented by the influx of illegal immigrants are no longer confined to towns along the US-Mexico border but have more lately been experienced by the larger ‘Sanctuary Cities” further afield, including New York and Chicago. As more leaders close to the southern border, such as Texas’ governor Gregg Abbott, have chosen to send coachloads of migrants to these ‘Sanctuary Cities’, those cities have begun to appeal to Pres. Biden for further aid to help bear the costs as formerly pro-immigration mayors find their cities’ budgets stretched beyond breaking point.

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