You Can Test Apple’s Vision Pro Headset for Free?!

Apple Offers Free Test of Their Vision Pro

( – Apple has recently launched its new Apple Vision Pro, which is a type of VR headset with a plethora of technology, social, and functional features. Virtual Reality (VR) is a somewhat old concept reimagined to be a product that you can use in your daily life. 

Apple’s Vision Pro headset is retailing for $3,500, which is steep for some people, making them hesitant about purchasing, especially without knowing its full features and functionality. With that being said, Apple has announced that they will allow people to schedule demos at the Apple Store to test out the Vision Pro. 

You have to schedule the test and trial at least one week in advance as they expect spots to fill up fast for certain dates. Apple also hasn’t disclosed when they would be stopping the testing or if they’ll continue it long term, but it’s a great idea for those who aren’t willing to spend the money quite yet without knowing what the product has to offer. 

When you arrive at your appointment it’s important to check in with an Apple employee and arrive a little bit early as well. When you get to your demo you’ll be fitted for the Vision Pro and then you’ll be guided through everything you need to know about wearing and using the device. 

They will also give you a look into the spatial viewing experience where you’ll catch a glimpse of the Super Mario Bros Movie 3D. You’ll interact with Safari and some apps to give you that experience as well, and overall you’ll get a full look into the device and what it’s capable of. It’s a great way to try out the device and feel it for yourself without committing to a $3,500 price tag. 
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