Wyoming Man Files for Mayor Race as an “AI Bot”

(VitalNews.org) – A Wyoming man has filed for the state capitol mayor race as an artificial intelligence bot named “VIC.” Victor Miller works at the Laramie County Library and has filed for candidacy in Cheyenne’s mayor race as his AI bot “VIC.”

Not long before Miller sat down for an interview, OpenAI announced that they had taken down his account. Miller responded to the announcement by saying that he still had access to the technology but that the company’s decision would blow his campaign fully.

With this, he decided to still go forward with a public event in Laramie County where he spoke about VIC running for mayor. “So the iteration of ‘VIC’ that was is no longer,” said Miller. He said that he hoped this wasn’t the end of artificial intelligence in politics.

“I’m a bit conflicted, to be honest. I think if I were to continue the course of trying to help my town by giving it access to this new technology, I would just stay the course,” he continued.

He stated that he never planned to run for office, with an AI bot or not, but that his experiences in dealing with the government showed him something needed to be done. This was when he got the idea to replace some of the government officials with artificial intelligence.

“I don’t know if I should embrace my new role as kind of a pawn in the game of between open and closed source. I will say that it feels bad to be shut out and having this technology taken away from you from a closed-source legacy company like OpenAI,” Miller said.

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