World Health Organization Warns About Falsified Weight Loss Drugs

( – The World Health Organization has warned the general public of falsified weight loss medications. They raised concerns about counterfeit semaglutide drugs that people use to facilitate weight loss. The warning highlighted three batches of fake Ozempic drugs that appeared in the U.K., the U.S., and Brazil.

“These falsified products could have harmful effects on people’s health. If the products don’t have the necessary raw components, falsified medicines can lead to health complications resulting from unmanaged blood glucose levels or weight,” the World Health Organization said.

They continued, “In other cases, another undeclared active ingredient may be contained in the injection device, such as insulin, leading to an unpredictable range of health risks or complications.”

This has been the case due to the popularity of the weight loss drugs Ozempic and Wegovy, whose main ingredient for weight loss is semaglutide.

WHO said that individuals who are seeking the medication should only be “buying semaglutide medicines with prescriptions from licensed physicians” and that they shouldn’t buy those that have “unfamiliar or unverified sources, such as those that may be found online.”

These online scams are becoming more common as people are desperate to get their hands on these drugs for weight-loss purposes. This has become a huge incentive for scammers to hone in on this market since its popularity has made the market extremely accessible to them.

McAfee recently said that the amount of phishing attempts of this nature has gone up almost two hundred percent from January to April.

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