Women’s Charity Slammed for Appointing Male CEO

(VitalNews.org) – Endometriosis South Coast, a non-profit organization offering support to women affected by endometriosis, has caused a stir online by naming a transgender woman as their CEO.

On Sunday, the charity revealed that Steph Richards, a transgender woman, is taking the reins as its new CEO. Richards, who identifies as a woman, is vocal about transgender rights on her Twitter, where she emphasizes, “Trans people are people: We are nurses, doctors, teachers.

We are airline pilots, lawyers, scientists. We are artists, designers, poets.” Her profile also denotes “she/her” pronouns. It describes her as a ” Human Rights Activist & Intersectional Feminist along with her role as UK’s Labour Parties Officer for Women’s & LGBT.

The World Health Organization defines Endometriosis, as a condition often causing severe pain and fertility issues where tissue in the uterine lining grows outside the uterus.

The announcement by the charity included a quote, “It seems interesting that I’ve got to my 40th year before any professionals in medicine even mentioned endometriosis.” This error led some to mistakenly attribute the quote to Richards, who, being a transgender woman, does not have a uterus and, therefore, cannot be personally affected by endometriosis.

Following the misunderstanding, the charity clarified that the quote was from an individual they support, not their new CEO.

Critics were quick to voice their dismay over the selection of a transgender woman as CEO of the charity, which raises funds for a disease impacting more than 1 in 10 women. One commentator noted, “Why has a male been appointed the CEO of a charity seeking to focus on specific female health issues [sic]?” They questioned the wisdom of this decision, suggesting it could detract from the charity’s valuable work.

Another critic, a woman who had endured endometriosis for years, expressed her inability to comprehend why the charity thought this appointment was suitable.

Richards has been known for her contentious views, including a tweet in December 2022 stating that the term “child” is a “social construct.” She has also publicly supported puberty blockers as a “safe and reversible medical treatment,” a stance that contradicts a growing body of evidence. Moreover, she has asserted that endometriosis is “not just a woman’s issue,” pointing out that transgender men can also be affected.

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