Why the US Really Needs to Protect Taiwan

(VitalNews.org) – As the United States and China continue to duke it out over the Taiwan Strait, politicians and analysts are raising questions about the degree of strategic importance the region serves for both world superpowers. Some even believe that whoever controls the strait could control the world.

The primary strength of Taiwan doesn’t come from oil or any other specific resource but from the semiconductor industry. Semiconductors are used to power televisions, smartphones, and computers around the world, and even for such technologies as car brake sensors. Sixty-six percent of all semiconductors are manufactured in Taiwan. If China decided to invade Taiwan and stop the flow of this technology, it would be an impact akin to shutting down 66% of the global oil supply.

China could cause a severe stock market crash by interrupting trade with Taiwan, and major corporations like IGB, Google, and Apple would be financially devastated. The cost of computers, cars, and phones could more than double, and world governments would lose access to chips integral to military operations. If this happens, China would have the power to withhold semiconductors from any nation that disapproves of invading Taiwan.

Aside from producing 66% of all semiconductors, Taiwan also creates the most advanced versions of these chips, accounting for 90% of the best semiconductors on the market. Taiwanese chips are years ahead of those made in the US and other nations. Without these chips, your iPhone will eventually stop functioning, but this isn’t the biggest problem that would arise. Weapons systems would also deteriorate.

An attack on Taiwan would put US national security at risk because no network or critical system imaginable could properly function without semiconductors – from power, transport, and finance to healthcare, communications, and defense. The impact would be substantial.

Political analysts and lawmakers are deeply concerned about the conflict over Taiwan, and for good reason. Such a situation could easily escalate into an international crisis and possibly even a world war. With the ongoing war in Ukraine and the surge of violence in the Middle East between Israel and Hamas, few are even looking at Taiwan and the risk that a Chinese invasion.

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