White House Slams Admin Letter Regarding Hur’s Findings on Biden

(VitalNews.org) – The White House Correspondents’ Association, or WHCA, is challenging Ian Sams’ response letter to Robert Hur’s findings. These findings were from an investigation into Joe Biden’s memory and mental state. Ian Sams wrote a letter challenging the information given out regarding Hur’s reports and the WHCA responded.

On Tuesday, Ian Sams, White House Council Office’s spokesperson, said that the reports given about Robert Hur’s findings were “misinformation” and “false.”

In the letter, Sams wrote, “When significant errors occur in coverage, such as essentially misstating the findings and conclusions of a federal investigation of the current President, it is critical that they be addressed.”

Ian Sams suggests that the media’s reports that the president “willfully retained” classified documents were not at all accurate. He shared on X that he sent a letter to the White House press corps explaining the facts that needed to be represented, and he stated that the lengthy document confused people which resulted in misinformation.

Ian Sams’ letter was addressed to President Kelly O’Donnell of the WHCA and she had a response of her own, saying, “It is inappropriate for the White House to utilize internal pool distribution channels, primarily for logistics and the rapid sharing of need-to-know information, to disseminate generalized critiques of news coverage.”

“The WHCA welcomes…further opportunities to ask to ask questions of the president,” O’Donnell stated, also saying that the White House has never had issues in the past, and if they had a problem with how someone was reporting or what kind of information they were reporting, then the White House could reach out to the reporter or journalist directly.

Sams got even more criticism and pushback since a reporter questioned his credentials’, said he gave “factually incorrect” information, and essentially implied he was unfit, asking that his of the White House counsel take over.

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