What on Earth is an Alcohol Czar?

(VitalNews.org) – The government may seem to some like it’s intruding into every facet of a person’s life these days whether there’s an issue or not. With that in mind, the Biden Administration’s ‘Alcohol Czar,’ Dr. George Koob, recently hinted that come 2025 the United States may change its recommended alcohol consumption amounts.

Presently, the maximum recommended amount of alcohol consumption is one small glass of wine, one bottle of beer, or a small shot of spirits per day for women, and two for men. This is one area where the administration seems willing to acknowledge biological differences between men and women.

While speaking with a Canadian-based outlet recently, Koob, whose official title is the director for the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), implied that the recommendations may be re-adjusted for 2025 and he’s leaning to a an amount closer to what Canada recommends. The U.S.’s northern neighbor recommends no more than two drinks per person per week. Koob has also stated that although he does enjoy a couple of glasses of wine during the week he sees no health benefits of any alcohol for anyone.

A new study recently released from Oxford University is linking alcohol consumption to a greater risk of contracting up to 60 diseases, including 33 which have never been alcohol-linked before. The study was limited to half a million men from China and indicated those who drank frequently saw a large uptick in gout and cataracts. The newer discoveries Oxford is claiming are an increased bone fracture rate, lung cancer increases and blood circulatory diseases. They say these issues can manifest even if alcohol consumption is below the current recommended amounts. The World Health Organization’s (WHO) position is that no amount of alcohol is what they would term as ‘safe.’

Like much other science, this is not settled. Despite the Oxford study, many other scientists believe a glass of wine or beer pint could actually stave off a slew of health issues. The key they say is moderation and not excessive drinking especially with a lack of healthy eating habits.

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