Watchdog Warns About Reliance on Nuclear Weapons

( – A watchdog has spoken out saying that nine nuclear-armed states have raised reliance on nuclear weapons.

A Stockholm International Peace Research Institute report showed that the states have increased their spending on modernizing their nuclear weapons. The watchdog then pointed out the contribution of nuclear weapons in the wars in Gaza and Ukraine.

Wilfred Wan, director of SIPRI’s weapons of mass destruction program, spoke out saying that “nuclear weapons have not been seen playing such a prominent role in international relations since the Cold War.”

The report showed that the effects of nuclear weapons in the wars in Gaza and Ukraine have been “visible in almost every aspect of the issues connected to armaments, disarmament and international security examined.”

The armed states include Russia, the United States, the United Kingdom, China, India, France, North Korea, Pakistan, and Israel. The SIPRI said that these nuclear states have modernized their weapons and “deployed new nuclear-armed or nuclear-capable weapon systems in 2023.”

The majority of these nuclear weapons come from the United States and Russia, but China is expected to be growing their nuclear weapon arsenal. When looking at overall spending, the United States was responsible for eighty percent of the rise in spending.

“While the global total of nuclear warheads continues to fall as Cold War-era weapons are gradually dismantled, regrettably, we continue to see year-on-year increases in the number of operational nuclear warheads,” said Dan Smith, SIPRI’s Director.

He continued, “This trend seems likely to continue and probably accelerate in the coming years and is extremely concerning.”
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